Car detailing and scratch restoration service

This is what Angies List has to say about car detailing:

“Detailing involves a thorough cleaning and reconditioning of your vehicle, entailing a meticulous step-by-step process to restore its beauty.

 “What is detailing?” It’s a question we hear frequently. “Detailing” is a term many people have seen, but they may never have heard a proper explanation of what it is, or what you should expect from detailing.

Often, people think that car “wash” and car “detail” are synonyms — read on to discover why that’s not the case.

What is detailing?

Detailing involves a thorough cleaning and reconditioning of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. It is a meticulous step-by-step process to restore your vehicle’s beauty and protect your investment.

Detailing services can extend beyond automobiles and could include trucks, buses, SUVs, RVs, boats, motorcycles and even airplanes. Most detailing companies are able to handle some, or all, of these types of vehicles.

How to know what type of car detailing you’re getting

Because what’s included in a detailing service can vary, an important consideration is to determine the specific services that you want to have performed on your vehicle. There may be different detailing packages available that vary in cost.

There are no uniform guidelines for the detailing industry. This means you may encounter wide variations in service packaging and pricing.

Contributing factors to these variations can include different levels of training, quality of service, professionalism and the products and equipment utilized.

Why do I need car detailing?

The single most important aspect of auto detailing is your vehicle’s need for protection from the elements. A common misconception is that a vehicle’s “clear coat” protects the exterior finish, so that regular maintenance is not required.

In reality, a wax coat should be applied at least twice a year to the painted surfaces to protect the finish from contaminates and oxidation. Although some dealerships offer an extra protection package for the vehicle at the time of purchase, this should not be considered a permanent solution.”

Here at 11 Stars GV car detailing, we offer the most comprehensive solution to car detailing in Perth. Check out some of our portfolio below:

tyre shine and under bonet cleanUber car detailing4wd detailingauto detailing professionalaffordable car detailingengine degreasing and detailingLandcruiser detailinginterior car detailingaffordable car detailingprofessional car detailing

At 11 Stars GV, we provide the most comprehensive and attention to detail auto detailing and cleaning through these services:

  • Quick car detail
  • Detailed car detailing
  • Cut and polish
  • Wax and polish
  • Car refresh, engine cleaning and under bonet detail
  • Remove labels, stickers, and decals from your car

We clean and detail all kinds of vehicle. Going somewhere important, meeting someone else, want to make a good impression, but your car’s not so clean. Or do you have a decals/sticker on your car. Well, don’t worry. 11 STARS car detailing is right at the spot for you. Trailers, campers, RV’s, car’s and sedan’s, you name it, bring it and we clean and detail it for you. Professional car cleaning and detailing provided by 11 STARS in Perth.

We are mobile car detailing and also a yard service provider, ensuring to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Keep your cars ready, we are coming for you. And we will leave our air freshener free for you in your car.

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