Floor polishing and sanding

Floor polishing – Grow your home from a value of $ 200,000 to $ 700,000

If you want to appreciate your property’s value and the outlook of your house, floor sanding and polishing is the best way to go about.

Does your floor simply need a polish, or does it need to be sanded, stained and refinished? It’s important to understand and know the difference. Both approaches hope for a similar result, but in reality, the process is entirely different.

What a polish does is ‘revive’ your timber floor, for the time being, meaning that it fills in little scratches and evens out your floor’s appearance with existing finishes staying intact. While it does make your floor look fresh and new, it doesn’t address the scratches long term. A polish is a great approach if your floor is still in good condition, but just needs a lift and some looking after.

On the other hand, if your floor is looking tired and worn, then it might need to be refinished. That’s when sanding and refinishing should come into the equation – this is where you remove the floor’s existing finish and replace it to make it look brand new.

So the cost you’re up for will really depend on the state that your timber floor is in and whether you want to address it yourself or hire a professional like us to do the job for you.

floor polishing and sanding in Perth

The diagram above explains the basic steps involved in floor polish and floor sanding. We also offer services such as preparing the concrete floors for timber floor installation. Along with this, we offer inclusive package to help your home look brand new.

If you are keen to know about a timeline, floor polishing and sanding takes anywhere from a day to more than weeks, depending on the area size and scope of the work. And unfortunately, there is no fixed cost for floor polishing and sanding. On an approximate cost, for a good condition flooring that requires refining, we charge the following:


Prices for sanding and polishing start at about $30 per square metre (m2) plus GST and go up to around $50 per square metre plus GST.

But to make it easier for you, we have created our free onsite inspection through which you can book an appointment here. Or contact us directly at info@11starsgv.com.au or call us at 0416 947 992

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