Gutter cleaning and gutter repairs

Gutter cleaning and gutter repairs (downpipes if necessary)

Gutter cleaning in PerthGutter maintenance is one key component in keeping your house free from roof debris, water overflows, ceiling damage and providing an aesthetic to your home. Gutter maintenance personnel is therefore a must have around your locality.

Of late, there have been many gutter cleaning companies and gutter cleaners. What is concerning to see is their lack of compliance to safety, regulations and most often negligence to workers safety. This has shown increased risk at work site.

At 11 Stars GV, we value customers priority, but equally take care of our workers. The following are some good practices we ensure before the work is carried out:

  1. Working at heights and near electricity present major risks to workers who work on roofs and in ceiling spaces. Where solar photo voltaic (PV) systems are installed, supply cables from the solar cells on the roof to the inverter unit will be live when the solar cells are generating electricity. For this reason, care must be taken when working around these cables. If possible, switch it off.
  2. Care must also be taken when working on roofs or in ceiling spaces to minimise or avoid contact with exposed conductive parts such as guttering, roof sheeting or metal battens as these could be live if there is a fault with the electrical wiring.

Following are the works we completed for our customers in Western Australia:

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Clean your gutter and don’t let the rain bother you. Along with your gutters, we vacuum your roof, flush out your down pipes and clean up the waste, at no additional charge. 

The following are some of the design installations we offer:


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