A visionary business grows from a visionary team

The organizational structure of 11 Stars GV derives its vision and confidence from its great set of team. A good team is not only about working together but trusting each other. 

The Creative Unit is therefore the core of 11 Stars GV. It forms the space for free thinking, team collaboration and output activities. It’s like a retreat within retreat. This Unit helps the employees and business related to 11 Stars GV to come together in one space, share ideas, share stories, relax and improve mindset. After all, a good business is all born from a good and strong mindset.

Like any other Organizational dynamics, the Board of Directors present a fair amount of structural soundness to the business. They help with investment strategies, business ideas, policy direction and legal liabilities. The Board of Directors helps to put forward realistic goals and help business achieve them at the most realistic goals. 

Two Vice-Presidents oversee the overall operations and investment management of the business. They help direct the business to achieve its goal (both short term and long term). The position of a Vice-president is crucial as it implies and corresponds to shaping the business. Vice-president help the Director achieve his/her direction for the business. 

Human Resource, Finance & Admin, ICT & digital media, and Sales & Marketing form the core team of 11 Stars GV. They deal with majority of customers everyday and is therefore the face of the business. They are the Foreign Ministers, Diplomats and military of 11 Stars GV. They protect the business at the forefront from any foreseeable events. They help set realistic goals, the direction passed down from the Board and the Management. Sales and Marketing is the key supporter in terms of customer attraction. Therefore, protecting the face of business is the fundamental goal of 11 Stars GV.

The Legal Unit help oversee the soundness of the business by protecting it through and preventing any liability or occurrences, performed beyond the purview of law. The legal support is very crucial and heavy investment is made for this Unit to help the business.  

Angels help the business in terms of financial support, philanthropic activities, making input for business goals, providing additional insight on the businesses’s direction and uplifting the business, as and when necessary.

Finally, the Director of the business is like a parent. The Director helps shape the business. A Director should be technically sound as much as being a generous human being. A good Director is trust worthy, always motivated and charismatic in their ideals. For the business to flourish, the Director must demonstrate exceptional leadership quality. And having a quality Director is the most fundamental aspect of 11 Stars GV.