Perth Patios installation

Patios installation in Perth

This page gives a snap shot of things to consider while building a patio and what we offer as service from our end. While building a patio would seem less difficult (because of new designs and outbacks available), there are various issues to be wary of while considering to build one:

  1. The foremost thing to consider is how big do you want your Patio to be. This greatly impacts your layout, your site plan, and materials consumed during the process. In Western Australia, a floor plan bigger than 10 square meter requires council approval. The council approval is comprised of procedures for engineered drawings, survey land plan, structural feasibility and compliance to use of Australian standard materials. This is done to help protect clients from any unprofessional work and to prevent from casualties, arising from a bad structure.
  2. At the second stage, one must identify where you are going to build your patio? In many scenarios, patios are build at the backyard. And the most common design is the patio build along with your house fascia. A design of such illustration helps provide greater durability and structural soundness since the patio tubes is directly bolted with the house rafters. An illustration of this design is shown at the end of this paragraph.
  3. Another component is the structural soundness. Structural soundness is the most important element while building a patio. A patio can be built from timber or steel. Always go for powder coated steel patios as this provides more durability and prevents rusting of the patio tubes. Moreover, availability of cheap steel is another reason to go for steel patios.
  4. One crucial element to consider is the leakage issues. In most designs, patio gutter replaces the house gutter and a single gutter runs along the house fascia. We recommend to place an additional patio gutter along the elbow of the trusses that then gets attached to the house fascia. In so doing, the house gutter takes in less water and therefore prevents water leakage. The diagram is given here.Patio installation in Perth

There are various D.I.Y available to assist for such tasks. Some of them can be viewed at Stratco, or Bunnings. Videos are helpful but physical workmanship is crucial to get your Patios completed.

Use us, use our service to get the maximum benefits. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we promise and guarantee to provide the best service solution. Following are some of the qualities through which we deliver our work:

  • We are a team of registered tradesmen with timely delivery.
  • We offer all council works related to patio and engineered drawings.
  • We offer design feedback and installation of outback flat patio.
  • We offer design feedback and installation of outdoor blinds for ambiance.
  • We offer design feedback and installation of outback gable, outback curved.
  •  We offer design feedback and installation of outback sunroof, outback pergola.

A sample of our work completed is shown here:

Affordable patios by 11 Stars GV


Call us today for a free site inspection and get your patio developed. We build patios all around Western Australia and all works are completed in the most efficient manner. Our standard work delivery is from 1 day to 3 days, depending on the floor size.

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