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Why is service delivery important ?

When it comes to service delivery, there is no compromise. It is because of this philosophy that 11 Stars Groups and Ventures (GV) was born. We have met thousands of people telling us they are traveling for a vacation, or want to go for a vacation, but concerned that the roof leak will become worse or that the property would be undervalued due to low maintenance. And so on and on goes their concerns. Is there no solution to this problem? Well, not really! There are many service providers in the market; each of them promising great service. Does everyone who offer great promise, provide great service?

Professional roofing

We are always bombarded with the concept that “customer is always right”. Amazon, the e-commerce giant is built on this entire theory of being a customer centric service. And they do it very well! No two service can be similar in their approach though. A mining company would like to keep its shareholders happy and focus on providing more dividends. But a retail company though owned by shareholders would prioritize on a face-to-face dealings, and psychology of peopleology. While the approaches are different, the end goal is same, to make customers happy.

At 11 Stars GV, we are always working on ways to make our service affordable, better and efficient. We have range of over 14 services from online to real estate works. And in every service that we work on, customer centric, the art of taking care of your needs is our main motto. The principle of providing best service forms our business principle and is also embedded on our logo. Take for instance, Mr. Conrad, the Managing Director of Roof Cat who said, “you guys work hard and deserve a good praise.”

The logo blends with eleven number of stars decorated on a tick format signifying, “yes, we can do it.” The upward moving bar graph inside the circle signifies growth; and the circle that guards the elements of eleven stars and the bar graph signifies unity and inclusiveness. The name 11 Stars implies that on a rating scale of 0 – 10 service satisfaction, we offer 10 plus 1. The Groups and Ventures (GV) signifies the conglomerate of other services of our business.

11 Stars Groups and Ventures in Perth

Customer centric values forms the core element of 11 Stars GV. We strive to continue this and look forward to serving you to our fullest potential.



Achieve 100% work satisfaction in and around Western Australia and take this service level to all parts of Australia and world wide.


To become the most trusted business in Western Australia by providing quality service through quality workmanship.

  • Inclusiveness: We believe in building and keeping connections. Once we offer a service, we are always around to guide you. And we are not one time.
  • Professional: Highly professional in whatever we do.
  • Reliable: We understand it is your right to get the best service. And we will ensure you get the best of the best service.
  • Approachable: Contact us anytime through our details given on website and our business cards. We will be happy to have a chat and solve your issues, to the extent possible.
  • Respect: We share our deepest respect to customers and don’t distinguish based on your age, gender and status. All of you are important.
  • Innovation: We believe in efficiency and providing you the best alternative to your solutions.

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