Roof ceiling insulation removal installation

Roof ceiling insulation removal installation

Why install ceiling insulation?

  • Save up to 45% on heating and cooling
  • Reduce your energy use and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Rely less on heating and cooling systems
  • Make your home more comfortable
  • Keep your family safe from dirt and unseen germs spread on the roof.
Achieve the R-value you want

Installing ceiling insulation is a perfect home maintenance project providing you follow some basic instructions. Compressing the insulation or leaving gaps between batts will make it difficult to achieve the R-value you want. There are other factors as well to consider such as the material you would want to install and type of ceiling space. No job is a small job for 11 Stars Groups.

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Roof insulation at great prices!

We are one of the most affordable insulation business in Perth. And our service is pledged through our service guarantee and maximum customer protection. The type of insulation totally depends on your choice and the kind of material you would want to install. Moreover, installing new insulation over old one is never recommended. Some people do it to save cost, but in the long run, that is not good for health, hygiene and safety of people living in the house. Needless to mention, that your ceiling will not achieve the R value. In particular, if you have elderly and kids living in the house, avoid stacking insulation over insulation. Because there will be many debris on the roof, covering more through double insulation will be hazardous. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, insulation is always accompanied by removing the old batts, checking for strap and seal (back blocking), if the gyprock are in good order and then only installing the thermal insulation.

The cost of your insulation which is performed through 2 steps will therefore depend on:

a. Removal of old batts (charged on per sqm basis),
b. Installation of new batts (charged on per sqm basis).

At 11 Stars Groups, we provide the provide job for you. We will not only clean your roof but also take away your old batts and dispose it safely for you. With said, please let us know your location so that we can geolocate your address and then measure the area size. Alternatively, we are also happy to visit you so that the measurement is spot-on and it makes our quote easier.

Pricing factor

The type of insulation and its price depends totally on your choice and the kind of materials and by other factors, we mean the following:

1. Which thickness or “R-Value” is required?

(Insulation with a higher R-Value is more effective at restricting heat transfer. Meaning, in the long run you will save on your electricity especially during summer when it gets too hot and excessive AC is put on. With proper insulation, you don’t need to do that. “R” value starts from R 2.5 and goes up to R 6.0). Bradford is by far, the choice of people for insulation. Earth-wool insulation is also gaining its popularity. An illustration of how thick the insulation will be are as follows:

– *R2.5* Thermal Ceiling Batts *125mm thick*
– *R3.0* Thermal Ceiling Batts *145mm thick*
– *R3.5* Thermal Ceiling Batts *175mm thick *
– *R4.0* Thermal Ceiling Batts *195mm thick
– *R5.0* Thermal Ceiling Batts *210mm thick*
– *R6.0* Thermal Ceiling Batts *275mm thick*

The rule of thumb is that higher the R value, higher the cost. A rough estimate for a 3×1 house (say if your house is approximately 180 m2 and you want to install R 4.0, that most people install), if you don’t want to remove the old insulation, and only install a new one, it might cost you approximately $2550. However, if you do want to remove the old insulation, brush out the dust and debris and then install a new insulation, the total cost might be approximately, $3560. There is additional cost for roof vacuum. Please note, this is a rough quote only taking into account that your house would be *approximately 180 m2.* Therefore, it is highly recommended that we visit your property so that we can inspect the site and then offer you the best quote. The quote will also depend on the following:

1. How will the installers access your roof area, and will there be space to carry the unopened bags of insulation up through the ceiling manhole? If the manhole is not present, we will need to access through the roof. Whether it is a tiled roof or a sheet roof will impact the way how installers can work.

2. Is there standing room or only crawling room? This can be observed by the angle of the roof. If the roof angle is too low, it becomes harder to install insulation. If the space is too low to work, installers may not be able to move freely. Hence, chances of being knocked out is very high.

3. Are there any major obstructions in the roof space? Such as any air ventilation outlets, lots of wires, etc.

4. How evenly is the spacing between ceiling joints? (Uneven or irregular spacing between the joints means a lot more cutting work for the installer.)

5. Installers have to breathe through an EPA filtered vacuum and an EPA filter face mask. It is extremely important to be safe while inside the roof due to lead contamination. It could be fatal for someone who has health issues.

6. Dehydration / heat stroke – think of frog in the boiling water, the inside of the roof heats up gradually.

These are some know-how’s before you decide to do a roof vacuum. use 11 Stars Groups Insulation today and get your roof cleaned and vacuumed.