Vinyl flooring (laminated flooring)

Vinyl planks are a cost effective flooring option that are easy to clean. Vinyl planks are not only easy to install but also provides great aesthetic to your home. They come in various designs and can be altered to any part of your home for installation. There are many benefits to vinyl flooring, including:

  • Economical
  • Durable
  • Quiet
  • Comfortable underfoot
  • Moisture and stain resistant
  • Easy to repair
  • Endures heavy traffic well

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There are suppliers in the market who provide various options on vinyl floor planks. Following is an easy how-to-do (DIY) process from Bunnings:

Step 1. Seal your subfloor before laying vinyl plank flooring

Paint a coat of sealant onto your subfloor. Protect the bottom of your walls and cabinets from a splash of sealant by covering them with strips of masking tape. Once the floor is sealed, let it cure for as long as required before you start laying your vinyl planks.

Step 2. Mark the centre line on your floor

Choose which direction you will lay your vinyl planks. Once your direction is sorted out, measure the floor to work out where the middle of your middle row will sit. This is your centre line. Hammer a nail at each end of this line and then tie a string chalk line between them. Snap your string chalk line to mark your centre line on the floor.

Step 3. Lay the first row of vinyl plank flooring

Lay the first row of vinyl plank flooring by peeling off the back for each plank and flattening it into place, over the top of the centreline. Each vinyl plank has a directional arrow on its backing paper. To get the best visual result, lay all your planks facing the same way.

Step 4. Lay more rows of vinyl plank flooring

Lay the second row of vinyl plank flooring next to the first. Stagger the second row so the end of each plank lines up with the middle of the plank in the previous row. When laying the third row of planks, use your combination square to make sure its joins line up with the joins in the first row. Keep this staggered pattern going the whole way across the floor.

Step 5. Lay vinyl plank flooring around cabinetry

Some of your vinyl floor planks will need to be trimmed to fit around the kitchen cabinets. Measure and mark out your lines on each plank and make your cuts with a trimming knife. To get the best results, go over the cut line two or three times instead of trying to cut through in one go. Once your trim is finished, remove the backing paper and stick the plank in place.

Step 6. Lay a short end of vinyl plank flooring

Sometimes you only need a short end of a plank to complete a row. A quick way to measure your cut line is to lay the plank in position with its backing still on. Then use your combination square to mark where it hangs over the previous plank and make your cut there. Now take off the backing paper and stick the plank in place. It’s worth keeping your offcuts in case you have any small sections to fill.


At 11 Stars GV, we offer the most comprehensive and affordable rate to install your vinyl floor plank. The following are the main factors while considering cost to lay your floor:
  1. Type of floor: Is your floor free from any glues, does your floor have the correct pitch, concrete materials, underlayment’s, carpets, wet or dry floor, does the floor need any patch ups, nails or fixings.
  2. Type of vinyl floor you are looking to install: Are you looking for a standard quality floor or a premium quality installation.
  3. Are you looking for a full package install that involves waterproofing, floor levelling, removal of old tiles or carpets?

Our cost

Floor installation in Perth
Premium floor installation starts at $ 85 per square meter. This cost includes labour and material supply. Please note a free site inspection is recommended for non-additional cost.

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Our standard installation cost starts at only $ 40 per square meter. This is inclusive of labour and materials. Please note a free site inspection is recommended for non-additional cost.